API Betting for the Horses @ Betdaq

Betting with Betdaq: Each day Betdaq display the daily venues in their Popular Links & Sports Columns on their Home Page.

The Betdaq API System: Each day the API System provides the user with market race data to match their chosen: WIN, PLACE and LAY Bets for Each and Every Runner in Each and Every Race at Each and Every Venue in Race Time Order starting with the First Race at Each Venue and Ending with the Last Race at Each and Every Venue.

The Bet Manager: The Bet Manager uses race event data and your bet schedule settings to calculate a stake and to determine how likely a bet is to win. Betdaq provides this event data and a mechanism for placing and monitoring bets through their API. All monetary handling and actual betting remains with Betdaq when using this system. The Bet Manager simply bets on your behalf, through your Betdaq account.

The Bet Managers Recommended Independent Horses Venues: The Bet Manager stakes the chosen bets in each race raced at each independent venue in race time order according to the users chosen schedule settings.

The Bet Managers Recommended Continuous Horses Venues: The Bet Manager continuously stakes the chosen bets in each and every race raced at each and every venue in race time order according to the users chosen schedule settings.

If you would like to bet with Betdaq, follow this link to create a new account. Then use this form to request API access for your account. Betdaq will ask you to deposit some funds into your bet account and will then enable the API for you. (Minimum Fund: £200.00). The (Recommended Fund) is shown on the Schedule). When creating your bet schedule on this website, you'll only need to provide your Betdaq login, not any additional access key.

The Bet Managers Bet Schedules for the Horses @ Betdaq
U/N: Live Example

Click on the OFF buton to View the Schedules.

Bet Acc Type Site Topic Plan/S D Return Rec Fund Rec Am Mode Actions

The Managers Recommended Independent Horses Venues:

Horses - Start Time: Immediate Win Amount per event: £1.00 Target: Stop after first winner. Regulator:

TheBetManager Auto Betdaq H Cb P/F £0 £1260 £0.00 virtual Todays Report Yesterdays Report
1 Thu morning: , Thu afternoon: , Thu evening:

U/N: Live Example
The Bet Managers Daily Statistics for the Horses @ Betdaq
On: Independent: AM PM & Ev Venue (WIN-Share) API Betting

On some days on some races losses are inevitable and occasionally the reports might show a loss.
Keep watching and you'll see how the system recovers the loss and returns to profit.

Please Note: (The Return includes The WIN Amount plus The WIN Share and The Bet Fees)

Daily Statistics: Today: Thu 21/02/2019

Type Time Venue Win/Am Return
H Cb P ... £1.00 £0.00
Credits Used: 0 Total Return: £0.00
Less Win Shares: £0.00
The Profit including the Bet Site Bet Fees: £0.00
The Largest Stake Today: £0.00

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