Hounds @ Betfair
U/N: Live Example

The Managers Recommended Independent Hounds Venues:
The Manager stakes bets in each and every race raced in race time order according to the chosen settings.

Bet Acc Type Site Topic Plan/S D Return Rec Fund Rec Am Mode Actions

The Managers Recommended Continuous Hounds Venues:

Hounds - Start Time: Immediate Win Amount per event: £2.00 Target: Stop after winning £10.00. Stop after first winner. Regulator:

TheBetManager Auto Betfair D L/F £2.63 £900 £0.00 virtual Reports

Daily Statistics: Today: Mon 25/06/2018

Time Type Venue Win/Am Return
Immediate Continuous Betting D £2.00 £2.63
Credits Used: 1 Total Return: £2.63
The Largest Stake Today: £13.75

Daily Statistics: Yesterday: Sun 24/06/2018

Time Type Venue Win/Am Return
Credits Used: 0 Total Return: £0.00
The Largest Stake Today: £0.00

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