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Hello, & welcome to this Site.

This site is a Club.

The Club is a Syndicate & Our Members are Fund Managers not Gamblers.

Examples: We would first like to show you a couple of examples, and to show you the examples, you can watch them Live, Each Day, Every DAY, at Race Time on: On The Dogs & On The Horses from the: (Grey Navigation Bar) Above.

The System: This is not a get rich quick scheme. It's a simple money maker that makes money from betting small stakes on selected runners, whilst repeatedly recovering all the un-recovered Costs & Losses from the previous bet or bets on the next WINNER, with a fund that can afford to stake the bets.

  1. First you choose a Topic: (You can choose Hounds or Horses)

  2. Next you choose a Plan: (You can choose to WIN on a: WIN, Place or LAY)

  3. Next you choose the days and times to bet on

  4. Then you choose the WIN Amount that you would like to WIN

The Calculator: The Calculator Bets Automatically with the: Exchanges, on Auto, API Betting, @: Betdaq & BetFair. It continuously calculates the Required Stake that is needed to WIN the Chosen Amount on the Selected Runner in Each Race in Race Time Order, after Carrying Forward all the Un-recovered Costs & Losses, from your Previous Bet to the Current Bet to WIN on a Place Win or a Lay Subject to Funds from the Funds deposited in the Users chosen Bet Site Bet Account. The WIN Amount includes all the Costs and Losses from the Previous Bet plus all the Costs and Fees for the Current Bet.

This Site, is Completely: FREE !

WARNING: Betting involves a high level of risk and there are no guarantees given that you will WIN. Please Note: Some bets may lose more than the original stake and the Recommended Fund is only a Guide, It is not a Guarantee. On, On-Line Betting: Some Bet Sites do not always manage to clear all the bets they have accepted before the next race starts, due to the authorities failing to set a compulsory period of time for bet clearance of all the accepted Bets, plus the adequate provision of time, for a punter to reflect on the previous result, and place a bet on the: Next Race, before the Next Race Starts. (Please Ensure): You understand all the risks involved, and: (You Must Only Bet with Money You Can afford to Lose).

Registration: Please Note: Whenever you join, you may be asked to agree to Win-Share a Win-Share from: Each and Every Winner you WIN on, Irrespective of Size, with a Bet Manager or Tipster.

Win-Share Betting: The Win-shares: Each Win-share is a Credit and they are purchased in advance in: Block Format from the Bet Manager or Tipster on: PayPal. When the Credits are purchased they are deposited in the Users Credit Account at the Credit Bank and whenever, a WIN is recorded, a Credit is deducted from the Users Credit Account. The Win-shares are included in the calculations and they are returned and refunded inclusive of the returns.

(Please Note): Each Bet Site restricts their Users to One Account per User.
For: (Auto API Betting) You can choose to use: Betdaq or Betfair or Betdaq & Betfair

We Recommend, you chose to WIN on Every Race Raced
& choose a WIN Amount You Can Afford to Fund.
The Profits Are TAX Free
Join Now & Test them Free on: Virtual Betting
This is an Opportunity Not to Be Missed

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