Bet type:PLACE

For: Stop After 1st Winner


On: The Horses
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Report: The Recommended Betting Results for Horses @ Betdaq. This is a read only report.


THE SCHEDULE: Betting starts approximately: 1 minutes before the first event. BETTING: Bet Type: Place Bet Site: Betdaq U/N: **** P/W: **** Topic: Horses Plan: PLACE Selection: 1st favourite. Position: The Exchange Positions START TIME: Start Betting: Immediate THE ODDS: Minimum: 1.20 Maximum: 6.00 THE WIN AMOUNT: Win Per Bet: £0.50 Profit Target: every race FUND: Recommended Fund: £900 THE BET REGULATOR: Maximum Stake: £250.00 Stop After Winning: ? Stop After Losing: ? Stop After First Winner: yes Stop After First Loser: no Stop After X Consecutive Wins: ? Stop After X Consecutive Losses: ? Restart After X Consecutive Wins: ? Restart After X Consecutive Losses: ? Stop Reporting After Ending And Restart On The Next Day: no THE RECOVERY BOX: Recovery Fund: £0.00 Recover: ? Don't Try To Recover More Than: ? Carry Recover Fund Forward To The Next Day: no BET TYPE: Betting Mode: Virtual Prohibit Bets When There Are Not Enough Events Left To Bet On Today: yes Race Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

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